Specializing in Colt Starting & Problem Horses

Do you have a horse hanging out in your yard that you'd like to actually ride? Maybe you just don't have the time, or the knowledge, to get them started. Or maybe your horse has some behaviour issues that are making you reluctant to ride. Sometimes life gets in the way; does your horse need a refresh and some miles? Bring your horse to EZ Trails & Training!

Training Board

We provide hands on training for your horse at our own facility. 

30 Days training includes (minimum) 5 days per week, 1-2 hours per day.

Basic Starting includes extensive ground work, including, but not limited to, basic roundpen work, balancing, bending, desensitizing, ground driving & trailer loading, which all leads into backing and starting under saddle.

Also included is hay/pasture, daily handling, fresh water and shelter in a herd, small group or individual paddock environment. We will feed any grain/supplements provided by the owner. 

We Will Travel! Off-Site Training

If you are more interested in a few 'refresher' sessions on your horse, or would just prefer to keep your horse where they are, we are mobile. 

Every mobile training client will be assessed on an individual basis, and given a fair recommendation on how many sessions would benefit both horse and rider. 


Training Board: 30 Days - $1100

Mobile Training: One Session - $60 plus travel costs ($0.25 per km)  

Contact Us

Please email or call to book, or for more information.

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