About Us

Who We Are, and What We Do

Horsemanship in the broad sense is at the core of our business. We recognize that training is as much building a strong positive relationship between horse and human as it is about physical exercises and response to aids. We believe the key to this approach is “time and acceptance” and we will be there to help with your equine- human riddles in all phases of your relationship with your horse. 

Here at Grangewood our first priority is the health and happiness of your horses. We operate with a small team of dedicated and knowledgeable horse people to ensure your equine partners get the best care possible. 

Jessica Zeldin, live-in manager has 20+years of horse experience, including starting and operating a successfull training and public trail riding business in the beautiful BC mountains. 

Jane Thompson, Property and Business Owner, has over 40 years of horse experience, and always ensures that her team is taking exceptional care of every horse on the property, and that operations are always running smoothly. 

We personally enjoy hacking across the countryside as well as multiple English disciplines, including Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Field Hunting. We can also support Western disciplines such as Western Dressage, Speed Games and Cowboy Obstacles/Mountain Trail. We encourage an open-minded atmosphere for people to enjoy their time with their horses and if they want to, to try new things.